STAR's Areas Of Expertise
STAR Consulting Services
     Systems Structure
     Systems Design 
     Performance Analysis
     Disaster Recovery Planning
     Data Security
     Project Management
Enterprise Automation
     Unicenter TNG
     TNG Automation Point Option
     ISPF Dialogs
Appication Programming
     Micro Focus COBOL
     COBOL for MVS
Operating Systems Software Support
     Open Systems
     Storage Administration
Object Oriented Development
     Object Oriented Analysis
     Object Oriented Development
     Enterprise Javabeans
On-Line Transactional Processing and Database Technologies
Warranted Systems Solutions
Customized systems software, developed off-site or through dial-in access,
delivered on a set schedule, for a set budget amount and warranted to work efficiently.
STAR-Certified Customized Training
Professional IT training in CICS, IMS/DB2, MVS, Enterprise Automation, Object
Oriented Development and other aspects of information systems. Conducted on-site
at your offices, our facilities, or third party locations.
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