Truly outstanding people can make a difference. Top-quality IT pros
manage their own performance and deliver superior solutions - and do
it significantly faster. Their capabilities translate directly into reduced
client management requirements, higher productivity and fewer subsequent
problems. Our clients are learning that quality doesn't cost more.
We are dedicated to continuing to provide systems support, contracting
and consulting services to meet clients' ever-changing needs. As software
and systems become even more complex, design, architecture and facilitation
of systems integration, enterprise automation, training and staff development
will become increasingly important. These are also areas of STAR strength and service.
Turnover in today's highly volatile marketplace makes it difficult to
retain either full-time employees or contract people. This is another area
of STAR difference that provides a significant benefit to our clients.
Highly qualified professionals join and remain with us because our firm has
been deliberately structured to serve the needs of associates. We offer them
optimum autonomy, exceptional income opportunities plus paid benefits with
minimal administrative requirements. This makes it very advantageous for
associates to work within our organization. A number of our people previously
were independent contractors but, now, they enjoy 'the best of both worlds' as
STAR associates.
IT managers are increasingly recognizing that hourly contract arrangements
discourage rather than encourage productivity. They realize that it is more
important to have working solutions delivered - as quickly as possible - than
to have bodies in the seats. What counts is results! We also offer warranted
systems software solutions, customized to clients' needs and requirements,
delivered on time and on budget and guaranteed to work. When we deliver ahead
of schedule, our clients enjoy the benefits sooner, often, at less cost than
with hourly-based contracts. But, we are not financially penalized for our efficiency.
In today's rapidly changing data center environments, pressure to control costs
and meet ever-shorter timeframes are complicated by a worsening shortage of information
services professionals. The resulting challenges require new, more efficient and
effective approaches. Increasingly, management has turned to contractors, both
independents and those provided through outsourcing companies. In some cases, the
number of contract people now equals or even exceeds the number of the full-time employees.
The data processing field has evolved from corporate environments staffed with only
full-time employees to data centers in which contract programmers and other independent
or third part workers may outnumber a company's traditional staff. Reasons for the
increasing trend to contracting talent include the growing, worldwide shortage of data
processing people and the variable nature of workload. In addition, with productivity
and immediate profit concerns, managers can bring in people to meet specific, short-term
needs and, then, shrink overhead back to operating levels. Unfortunately, desired benefits
from using contract help - greater flexibility, efficiency and cost control - are not being
realized. Unfortunately, some information services managers still view and treat contract
people as they do traditional employees. They require contract people to follow the same
procedures as traditional employees. This wastes valuable time on non-productive activities.
Having them use company facilities and equipment prevents potential savings from being
enjoyed. Adding more people adds management responsibilities. What's worse asking contract
people to 'punch the clock' promotes inefficiency. Contract professionals should be viewed
and treated differently from traditional employees - and required to meet more demanding
standards. When they do, it produces better results, improves efficiency and increases
economics. What should be important is that people are exceptionally productive, not just
that they are putting in hours, which encourages inefficiency. Contract people and
contracting firms must be professional and responsible, able to manage themselves and
deliver solutions that work - on an agreed-upon schedule, at an agreed-upon cost.
Contracting for delivery of solutions that work rewards outstanding performance and high
productivity. It attracts the 'best in the business' - people who know what to do, how to
do it well, and who are confident in their abilities to perform. All IS managers would
love to have top-flight pros working for them. But, to attract and keep them, they must
be treated like racehorses, not plow horses. Contracting for solutions rather than hours
worked rewards those who work smarter and faster rather than working longer. Firms and IT
professionals who can deliver on what they promise will make a lot of money, but projects
will be completed sooner and cost clients less! That's a desirable 'win-win' situation.
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